🏇Rehab for Horses🐎

In 2011 we purchased an old farm in the horse town of Warendorf and converted it into a riding facility. The first years we broke in and trained young horses and gave riding lessons. Since 2015 we have been exclusively engaged in rehabilitation and training of horses. For this purpose we have 12 boxes, pastures and in winter paddocks with sand. We work with aqua trainer, treadmill with incline and horse walker and can also use outdoor & indoor riding arena at any time to move the horses. 

What we Do

The Aquatrainer is at the center of our work, which can be adapted to the exact needs of each horse through speed and the height of the water.

Especially in case of forelimb injuries and for targeted muscle training, the treadmill with climbing function is the ideal supplement and additional optimization.

It is especially effective after problems with tendons and ligaments, as well as in the area of the sacroiliac joint and the knees. Through the targeted and dosed load, the structures heal better and become more resilient for later performance. Also as a training supplement for improved condition and for losing weight in horses that are heavily overweight and therefore at risk of laminitis, the Aquatrainer is a gentle instrument for achieving quick results with minimal strain. The muscle development achieved makes it much easier for many horses under saddle, so that rideability and willingness to perform are significantly increased. 


Our Goal

We always look at the horse holistically and our goal is to pay careful attention to every little detail and improve everything: Shoeing, condition, musculature, digestion, vitality. 


We have trained several Olympic horses such as the eventers „Amande de B`Neville“ and „Seigneur Medicott“ to improve their condition and also successful racehorses before major events and after injuries or surgeries.


Of course, we always work in close contact with the treating veterinarian and the owners as well as riders of our rehabilitation horses and discuss closely the individual training program and make constant adjustments. 



We offer a full service without rest day and with family connection. Your horse can enjoy a calm atmosphere, the best feed and large boxes with attached sand paddocks until it can go home fully recovered. 


We also apply HOFMAG Electromagnetic Therapy and PlasVet and have a highly professional network of external specialists for each area: farrier, dentist, physiotherapist come extra for each horse and all appointments are coordinated by us and we also take care of the follow-up visits to the veterinary clinics.


Feel free to contact us at any time and get to know us here at the yard. We will be happy to answer your questions and make suggestions for the rehab of your four-legged partner.